Sunday, July 27, 2008

When Do You....

start shopping for or making Christmas gifts?

Before the kids came along, I started my shopping in September. Since the kids, I am usually at crunch time. I have always hated putting things off till the last minute and this year I am determined to get back to being the early bird.

About 10 years ago, my dollars had to stretch to immeasurable lengths. That's when I taught myself how to make candies. I never thought I would conquer Divinity. I was determined and after 10 failed attempts, I got it right!! I’ve actually had a couple of my family members ask me to make them candy instead of buying them a gift.

I also plan to make more gifts than giving store bought thingies. My niece, Daushinay, got to meet Josephine, my rag doll, the other day. Even though I think Josephine is a little goobery looking, Daushi got a kick out of her. I know she was my first attempt at doll making and I’m sure the next one will turn out better. But anyways, Daushi has decided she wants me to make her a black doll with hot pink hair. This should turn out pretty interesting. Don’t ya think?

The one gift/project I am totally psyched about is the one I'm planning for my oldest, Cat. She is so into fairies and all the magical, mythical creatures. I really want to try to make her a fairie story book. The only problem is I don't know that much about fairies. Someone HELP PLEASE!!!

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