Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Wreath

I found the flowers on clearance at Jo-Ann's Saturday and put this wreath together. It was raffled off at a benefit Saturday evening. I haven't heard who won it yet.


Isn't my guy the sweetest?! He got us tickets to go see Sugarland at Roberts Stadium in Evansville this past Friday night. Kelly Pickler and Ashton Shepherd were also there. It was a great show. I wish I had pics but didn't have my batteries charged.

The BIG One

Hallie and I found this guy outside this past week. This has got to be the biggest catepillar I have ever seen in my life!

Too bad he was all curled up.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Saturday

The kids and I started the morning off by going to see Kashada play in his last football game for the season. The Cowboys (Kashada's team) tied the Vikings, 1-1, in the Championship game. Then there was the trophy ceremony after the game. All the kiddos got a trophey to take home.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Matthew's Yearly Heart Checkup Today

We go through this every year and have since Matthew was born, the yearly checkup with the cardiologist. The doc has told us from the beginning, "We don't want to see a change."

I guess I really should start by telling you just what it is that is wrong with his heart. When Matthew was born, the doctor found the murmur in his heart. He had an echo cardiogram done and then we met with the doc. In the valve in your heart, you are supposed to have three leaflets that open and close separately. Two of Matthew's leaflets are fused together. This causes his lil ticker to work twice as hard to pump the same amount of blood. That in turn causes the wall of his heart to thicken.

So Matthew has the tight valve, and the valve has a leak. Last year doc found a small hole in his heart.

On to what we learned today. The valve and leak have not changed much. They stayed close to the same as last year. The heart wall has stayed pretty close to the same. But.... The wall to his Aorta has thickened a lot. Last year it was measure at about 22 mm thick. This year it measured between 30 and 35mm thick. Dr. Kumbar told us that surgical intervention would not be necessary until it reaches 45 to 50 mm thick. The weird angle the blood pushes out of the heart and with the amount of pressure it has hitting the wall of the Aorta is what has caused the vessel wall to thicken. Doc said it's actually pretty common in patients like Matt.

He starts medication in the morning. Aetenol. I think that's how you spell it. He's not happy about it at all. And now instead of coming back in a year, he goes back in 6 months. Please when you read this, say a little prayer for Matthew.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Couple More Creations

Taa Daa another jar light. This one is for mom. I feel like I should put something around the top of the jar like I did with the last two, but I have no idea what to use. Since mom gave me all these old buttons, it seemed only right to fill her jar with buttons.

Who has seen the Ladyslipper Issue of Mary Jane's Farm? I just found it today at Tractor Supply! I scimmed through it while I was waiting for the kiddos to get out of school. And isn't so coinky dinky that Mary Jane has a part in the new issue about "Rebooting"? Or you can call it recycling your old boots.

For the last couple of years I have been on a mission to find an old pair of boots to "reboot" or recycle into an arrangement. I found a pair at a yardsale several months ago for a dollar. I thought would fit my oldest daughter, but they didn't. I was about to send them to goodwill when it hit me. "No! Don't do that! These are the boots you wanted to re-do." So check them out.

Hallie's horsey blanket will be done soon. This is the first quilt I've ever made. I'm just amazed it's all in one piece. I really wanted to quilt it but I'm afraid I don't have the patience. I'm thinking I'll just tie it instead. And I still need to put the binding around it. The colors really don't match, but I think she'll like it.

Home Done Pillows

These are the pillows that I picked up at the yardsale for next to nothin awhile back. Well actually the one with yellow flower, the horseshoe and the strawberry plant ones are the ones from the sale. The black one I made. I found the pattern/directions in Mary Jane's Stitching Room book. I didn't do the yo-yo's as directed. Mine are bigger than they're supposed to be. But it was fun to make. I just wish I had the patience to make the smaller yo-yo's. It would have had a more dramatic effect on the pillow.

Monday, October 6, 2008

3 down. 4 more to go...

I think I have four more projects to go. There's probably a couple I'm forgetting.

The snowman is finished and I got two more jar lights fixed up.

Our OCtober Birthday Gals

Yesterday evening my sister and I had a birthday party for our daughters, Hallie and Aislinn, at our local pizza joint. Aisi's birthday is the 7th and Hallie's is the 23rd. They are super close and in the same class at school. So Carrie thought it would be nice to have them a birthday party and invite their friends from school. All the kids had a great time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Pictures from Yesterday

Isaac and Hallie

Yeehaw! He got it! But then he almost always gets it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Promises of a Crazy Weekend.....

Well it's off to a very good start anyway. The kids and I went to Wally World this morning to get a few groceries and treat bag fillers. Hallie and I made up the treat bags after getting back home. The treat bags are for Hallie and Aislinn's birthday party tomorrow.

Jeremy and Isaac came down early this afternoon and just left a lil bit ago. the kids spent a good part of the day out running and playing. They are gonna love me in the morning. We have to get up at the crack of dawn so everyone can get a shower before going to church. My mom is going to become a member of her church and wants all of us to come be a part of it.

Anyways before Jeremy and Isaac got here, the kids and I were out in the yard and I was getting some new pics of all of them. I never buy the school pictures. They cost about $40 a kids for a package. I decided to see if I could take some pics and send them off at Wal-Mart and made into picture packages. I didn't get many of Matthew, because Andrew was here and the boys were working on their bicycles.

I also got some good shots of Jeremy throwing a rope. I haven't uploaded that set of pics to my computer yet though. So hopefully I will get those put on sometime tomorrow. Oh and he also taught me how to roll a rope. Ok quit laughin at me! It look easier than it is! I think I finally got it this time. We'll see. Jeremy can always tell when I've had a hold of Cat's rope. He gets it out of the closet and goes to get ready to throw it and it's in a big knot. *sigh*

Then after supper my nieces and nephew came to hang out for awhile. It was a little wild but not bad.

Now tomorrow it's get up early, get everyone in the shower, bake the cake, make something for the dinner at church, get to church on time, have about an hour or two's break, pack everyone back up in the van and go to the girls' birthday party.

I am so gonna be ready for Monday! A day off!!