Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Done

So here's what I finished up:
  1. Chocolate Fudge- Hallie decided to eat a big chunk of it even after I told her it was for Aunt Carrie to take to work. She was lots of fun to be around once the sugar and the chocolate kicked in. I didn't think bedtime would ever get here. aaaarrrggggg
  2. Peanut Butter Fudge- Surprising it doesn't taste horrible considering I forgot to add the vanilla. I think the kids only require my attention while I'm on the phone or cooking.
  3. Magic Cookies--- MMMmmm I don't need to say anything more.
  4. And the tote bag for the swap is finished. How many times should you have to remind children to stay away from a hot iron? Poor Hallie got too close and wound up with a pretty big mark on her arm. There's a blister, but she'll be ok.

Well now I'm off to cover the goodies and go to bed. I have a super long day of work tomorrow. Have a good night.

My To-Do List Today

  1. Make peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge, no bake cookies and magic cookies.
  2. Get them all wrapped up and put together with the candy list
  3. Deliver list and candies to Carrie
  4. Finish making shopping tote for swap
  5. and if time permits finish cleaning my house

I can see getting #1 and #4 finished up. Possibly getting #2 and #3 done. #5- only if I learn how to bottle Hallie's energy and sprout wings and a jet pack. Well I just realized that it's after noon and I just done got drinking a mountain dew. I may just get my list finished as I most likely will not sleep tonight.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Almost Have My House Put Back Together!

Almost there! It all started yesterday when I got rid of that nasty old recliner. Normally when you think of threadbare furniture, you think of a few spots where the fabric is worn. This thing- there was practically no fabric left to it. After putting the dog outside I decided it was time for it to leave my home! I drug it over to the front door, wriggled it out onto the porch, pushed it off, loaded it into the back of the van and then hoisted it up into the dumpster.

When I got back into the house, what did I find but a big gaping hole that stood out like a sore thumb. So that began the deep clean and re-arranging of the living room. And that's not so bad to re-do one room. But now there isn't room for my gate leg table in the living room. Well I'm not about to part with that! It has to find a place somewhere in this house. Ah Ha! The kitchen! I just have to stack the cabinets and scoot this here and that there. Yeah I had to re-do the kitchen too. But the kitchen is pretty well finished. Just a couple of things to put away. The living room on the other hand. Ahhhh I still have a stack of boxes with junk to go through. The kiddos have 2 bags of stuffed animals and a stack of boxes with books in them to go through. After that maybe we'll be back to normal. OH CRUD! Where in the world am I gonna put the Christmas tree?! Do you really have to have a tree at Christmas? I'll figure something out surely.

I'm tired and sore. Hadn't really planned on doing the kitchen tonight, but got a call to clean tomorrow morning. So tomorrow evening I plan on working on candies and cookies and tote bag for a barter. I can not wait to get back to my crafts. I haven't worked on anything in so long. I wonder if I still know how to make anything. LOL

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cleaning Up

I have been busy going through boxes and boxes of junk the last few days. I have posted a bunch of stuff on my swap-shop blog. I have all kinds of things listed. So hop on over and check everything out. My goal is to barter for things I can use for Christmas gifts and well maybe some new lil things for me as well.

As you may have guessed, the move to the other house doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon as I had originally thought it would. A little aggravating - yes. But it will be ok. Maybe we won't get moved this year, maybe we will. And maybe it will just hold out till next spring when the weather is better. It's starting to get pretty chilly here. And I don't know about the rest of you, but I have no desire to move in the freezing cold. My hands just will not cooperate in the cold.

There is one reason why I do not like holidays. They totally screw up my work schedule. I still have the same amount of work to do just one less day to get it done in. Plus I wind up working days like Black Friday and Christmas Eve. Not that I have any desire to fight the crowds in the stores, but it would be nice to not have to spend the entire day after a food-filled holiday working.

I made myself a list of chores to get done last weekend. Ummmm I got about half the list done. I wonder if I will get the rest done this weekend. Probably some of them. But I'm planning on working a while on Saturday so I don't think I'll get the whole list finished.

Speaking of lists- I finally have the rough draft of the candy list made out for my sister to take to work with her. And tonight I was going to type it up and print it out and wouldn't you know the printer is running out of black ink. Hmmm I wonder maybe I should try another color. Yes dears I did begin my life as a blond. Do not let the brown fool ya.

Well I'm off for tonight. I have a full day of work tomorrow and then some. Have a lovely evening!