Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day. I didn't go into work but I did plenty around the house. The only room that I did not clean was the bathroom and it's not bad yet. It will be after the kids all get their baths in a little while. Maybe I'll muster up some get up and go and scrub later this evening. On top of cleaning the house I also mowed the lawn and ran some errands and did a little baking for the dog. Yes my poochie is a spoiled princess. She just LOVES her homemade dog treats!

Today however has been more of a blah day. I messed up yesterday and drank some caffeine loaded soda. So of course I didn't sleep. I only worked about three hours this morning. I made some lunch for the kids and washed up the dishes, then took a short nap. Felt a low grade temp coming on a couple of hours ago so I took some Tylenol and ate some chocolate covered peanuts. Now I have a hot flash and feel fine. I'm not cold anymore. HAHAHA

Well anyway I'm outta here. If nothing else I really need to get some packages ready to mail off this week and get mom's doll done.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ooops Forgot One

And here's another purse I made to go to Aunt Donna's shop. I knew I was missing something.

Some new projects....

The dolly (finished) went to Sue for a Christmas in July giftie. The teddy and the pillow are a couple more things going to Aunt Donna's shop. And the poor girl with the little puff of hair and no face is mom's. The hair is just taking forever!

I Wish They Would Get This Done Already

I tried to find a before picture but the only one is in a video and I don't know how to upload a video to my blog post. Anyhoo.... Jeff has been working on tearing out this old trailer for a week or so now, well probably a couple of weeks. Doesn't this look horrible?! If the looks of it isn't bad enough, it's almost impossible to get out of the driveway some days. I can not wait for them to be done with this mess!

Blueberry Muffins from Scratch

Caitie and Matt talked me into buying some blueberries at Wally World. Then Matt decided we should use them to make muffins. They look much better than they tasted. I think maybe I shouldn't multi-task. Baking and talking on the phone. Maybe not such a good combination.