Friday, August 29, 2008

October 17, 2009

Photobucket We have a date set!! We still need to make sure it falls on our weekend with the kiddos. Next Monday which is also my birthday, Jeremy and I will be engaged for a year.
I'm still just in shock!! I didn't start the conversation. He brought it up earlier on the phone. Jeremy called the date and then told me, "There I picked the day, the rest is up to you." I really never expected him to have to tag along and pick out flowers (even though I joked about it). It's just so WOW to know he wants to get married to know he's happy!!
So much to do even for a little bitty wedding. Why is that?

Monday, August 25, 2008

My 1st Giveaway!!!

I am so excited!! Fall is just around the corner, the kids are back to school. This is one of my favorite times of the year. So to kick off the approaching season, I'm doing my first blog giveaway in a fall theme. I'll be giving away this floral arrangement I made up in awesome fall colors.
To sign up just leave a comment under this post on my blog. I will put your name in the bowl on top of my fridge and on September 8th I will have my youngest, Hallie, draw the winner's name.
Good Luck to everyone who signs up!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I broke down last weekend and bought another pair of boots. After the first pair of boots I bought back earlier this year I said I would never need to buy another pair again. Well I mainly said that cause the 1st pair of boots cost about $170. I've worn those boots about 3 maybe 4 times. The new boots are lace ups. I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE these boots!!! I wear them way more than the other ones.

Let me just show you-----

Photobucket This is the pair of Ariat that I bought back in February this year. They're really pretty. They just need cleaned upa little bit. The thing is they don't fit tight enough around my ankels. My ankels are weak and I get them twisted easily.

These are my new ones----

They are Double H. They fit good all around my feet. The only thing is all the lacing. But I'm getting faster with that.

There's another lil glitch. My fiance and I are planning on "someday" having a country style wedding. That was another reason why I bought the Ariat boots. I thought those would be prettier with my skirt. Well I was yappin at my friend on the phone the other night and she seems to think my new ones will work just fine for the wedding. Then last night I took a chance and said something to Jeremy about it. He doesn't always like to talk wedding stuff. Men *sigh* ... Anyways he thinks my new ones will work just fine too. I don't know.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Breathe! It's the Weekend!!

Yay!!! Time to relax! The weekend is here at last. The past week was the kids' first week of no daycare. It was a mad dash at times but I managed to get them to school and home from school on time everyday. Aren't you so proud of me?

This morning was our yard sale. It was supposed to be from 8 till 1. We made it till about 11:30. The kids and I figured that in 3 and a half hours we had only made $8 and a small bag of tomatoes so it was time to wrap it up. And not to mention the 8 bucks we made wasn't even ours. It was for stuff we sold that belonged to my sis and her girls and my mom. So the only thing me and the kiddos made was a bag of tomatoes. And that was only cause the neighbor guy had been working in his garden and brought them over. He said he had so many of them anyway and they would just go bad if he didn't give them away. That was nice of him. I like a home grown tomato every now and then.

Now there's a huge pile of yard sale stuff in my living room. Figure out what everyone wants me to do with their stuff. Either they will come and get it or something.

Matt, Caitie and Hallie got to experience roller skating for the first time this evening. I was hoping Jeremy would bring Isaac down too, but Isaac stayed home to play with his cousins. OK it's been about 9 years since Jeremy had been on skates, 15 years since I have been on skates, the kids never. Cat's 11, Matt is 9 and Hallie is 6. It didn't take Jeremy long to get back in the swing of things. Me oh I have turned into such a big chicken. I wasn't too bad till I crashed and landed on Hallie. Hallie was pokin along in front of me. I went to go around her and some kid whipped past us. She went down, I couldn't stop and landed on top of her. After that I tried to do one more lap with her. But I was done. We finally hung it up about 10:30 and came back home.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aching Hips

Last Friday was the last day of daycare for the kids and I feel like I have been at a dead run all week. Used to my daycare provider would take the kids to school and pick them up, now it's me. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining. Just trying to get adjusted to the change.
Monday wasn't bad at all. But then Mondays are my free days.
Tuesday began my stretch. I started with my spot clean. Had about an hour lunch break to grab a really quick bite and pick up supplies at Wal-Mart. Then off to clean for my new client. They have a pretty carpet, but it's really thick and super hard to push a sweeper over.
Wednesday kicked off with a super cruddy apartment to clean. Scrub, scrub, scrub and it still doesn't all come up. BLUCK!! I thought I would have a somewhat leisurley lunch. I would have if I hadn't had to stand in line for most of it. Grabbed my sandwhich ate it in about 5 bites and ran out the door. Cleaned for animal lovin couple. It's the vacuuming rugs that hurts me here.
Today was wet work day at the apartments. Mop all the floors, scrub all the bathrooms.. .yadda, yadda, yadda.... Afterwards I went to get groceries and on my way I remembered the bad spot I saw in my tire yesterday so the groceries went by the wayside till I guess maybe, hopefully tomorrow and got the front two tires replaced. So that meant and hour and a half of walking Wal-Mart to pass the time.
Now here I am, 1:24 am, dull aching in my hips. I know it's a nerve pinched in my back. It's not just one hip that hurts it's both. What I wouldn't give for a really awesome massage therapist right now. And I'm soooo dreading work tomorrow. Four hours of pushing the sweeper at the apartments. The sweeper is what is tearing out my back.
WAAAA, waaaa, waaaaa. Sorry to whine for all of you. Maybe I won't be such a blubbering fool tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

KY State Fair

Here's one of the better shots of Brad Paisely!!

-This is Julianne Hough

This past Saturday, Jeremy and I went to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. This was my first time at any state fair. We left his house about 11 am and got into Louisville around noon. We really went to see the Brad Paisely concert, but we also wanted to walk around and see the exhibits.

I tried shopping in what Jeremy called the "flea market" booths. But it was so crowded you couldn't really get to the tables. And I wouldn't call them flea market booths. I think of them more as small retail booths.

But really I had a better time checking out the animals, especially the mules and jackasses. They were HUGE!!

I feel bad cause I didn't take any pictures of all the fair attractions, just took pics at the concert. I was last minute gathering my stuff for the trip and didn't pack enough batteries. *sigh*

This is Chuck Wicks Forgive my poor photography. My concert pics never turn out the best.

Here's Brad and Jewel

And there was a special guest, Alison Krauss!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stayin Busy

Boy have I been stayin busy here lately! I got my ornaments for the swap finished up and sent off this morning. I have been sewing gobs of yo-yos up. I'm starting to see circles in my sleep. I have at least two pairs of Hallie's pants to fix up. One pair has a small whole in whoo-hah area to stitch up and then I have to lop the legs off another pair and hem them. Poor lil short baby girl. Not to mention I have been workin my tookas off this past week.

Today was the kids' first day of no daycare. I have decided to pull them out. I think it will be better for us. I may have to rearrange my schedule or really bust hiney to get done in time to pick them up, but it can be done.

Jeremy's grandma passed away the other day. The funeral was this morning. I missed it cause I had to work. I put a lil something together and dropped it off at the funeral home yesterday mornin though.

When I finished it, I stood back and thought doesn't that just look like a hat that would belong to a lil ole lady named Lily. I also had to call my mom. "Ok come over here and tell me what you think." That's the call mom always gets when I make and arrangement or wreath for someone that I've never made one for before. Mom will always tell me if something isn't quite right about my flowers. She knows I'm extremely picky and the flowers won't leave my hands until I'm sure they're ready

I forgot to take pics of my ornies for the swap. But I took one of the straw hat I did up.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Trip to My Aunt's House

So my aunt is moving and has managed to collect oodles of stuff over the last several years. She doesn't have room for everything so...
Mom decided she wasn't done draggin stuff home. So she sent me back down yesterday to pick up a 40 gallon fish aquarium and stand, huge set of shelves and there was just enough room left in my van for the gate leg table.
At first I wasn't sure if my aunt wanted to part with it. Still not sure she really wanted to, but she has another one she says will work for what she wants to do with it.
I have no idea how old it is. She told me there should be a stamp on the bottom. She never looked for it. I tried yesterday but the lady she got it from put some kind of black stuff all over the table and I can't find it.
Now I'm wondering do I leave the black stuff or try to refinish?