Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I had a pretty busy start to the week.
There's always work and everyday errands and chores, but then some days I think I'm Super Woman.
It usually bites me in the butt within a couple of days.

Monday and Tuesday= Awesome days, got a lot accomplished!
On Monday I started my diet... errr... lifestyle change and Carrie and I went to the gym for an hour. Felt great!
On Tuesday I put in a full day cleaning for clients, then came home and ripped the rotten gutter off the back of the house and then vacuumed out the van. A little sore by the end of the night. Ok ok. A LOT SORE!!

Today everything bit me in the hiney. Hallie was feeling a little cruddy so I figured that was my sign to take the day off and relax.
That's exactly what I've done! NOTHING!!
Well I did do something. I succeeded in blowing my diet! hahaha