Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally Chillin'

Well for right now the hot flashes seem to have gone away. I'm actually quite comfortable. The dog barking in my ear is about to set me over the edge however. Why can't she have a deep, muffled sounding bark instead of that high, shrill, split your ears wide open kind of bark? Oh well, she's still my baby.

It seems like I have almost kicked my lazy mode to the curb. Almost... For supper tonight we had something we haven't had in awhile. I've been really bad about making hot dogs, chicken nuggets or something just fast and easy for supper here lately. But tonight we had ham, mac and cheese, biscuits and corn on the cob. Bill, our neighbor, brought over the corn last night. He and his wife, Rosy, had left overs from their sale and didn't have any room at home for it. Oh that was some gooooddddd corn, sweet and fresh. Mmmmmmm. He also brought us some watermelon juice. Have you ever heard of drinking watermelon juice? I hadn't. I know I'm weird but I've never been crazy about watermelon flavored anything, not even bubble gum. Caitie loves it!! So I guess now I need to learn how to juice a watermelon for her every now and then.

Well I think I'm going to go make a cheesecake. I made one this past weekend to take to Jeremy's family reunion. I didn't even eat one piece and then i left it up there. Yeah I need to make another. That's something else I hardly ever make though I don't know why. The recipe I found online was really, really simple.

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Nancy Jo said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my site. Always amazed that someone comes over to visit.
Love the picture of the kitty sleeping in the cat food. Too funny!