Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look What I Found!!

I went to upload a pic of my flower arrangement for the last post and found some pics on my camera I didn't know was there. I'm soooo glad my camera is pretty much kid proof. So far they haven't messed it up. They take some of the best pictures sometimes. There are some though.... You just sit there and scratch your head wondering what in the devil is that?!
Hallie really, really wants a real pony. I got this pony for her from a lady I clean for. She was getting rid of a bunch of stuff to goodwill and was going to throw this handsome lil guy out too. I don't think Hallie will ever part with him.
I'm still debating on if I should say something to her about riding her pony on the dresser. Cute pictures, but still one of these days that lil daredevil is going to fall off and break something. If I survive this child it will be a miracle!

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