Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ruby had a bad day...

Poor gal's annual checkup at the vet's office this morning. Ruby did get a clean bill of health although doc and his helpers feel Ruby is anything but a lady.
She let off the bark that will split your ears in two. And of course it seemed to be even louder in the sparsley decorated office. Every dog and every person was greeted by Ruby's shrill bark followed by the "come closer so I can bite you" growl. But she will only bite you if you hurt her. She's really a big chicken.
Anyhoo, 4 sticks all together. One for her bloodtest and three vaccines. A capstar pill. Now tomorrow morning she gets her Comfortis pill for fleas and Sentinel for heartworm prevention. She will like the way I give her meds much better. I wrap them in her favorite food. Well one of her favorite foods-- hamburger.
Hallie hasn't tormented her too badly tonight. I warned Hallie it wouldn't be to her benefit to mess with Rubis too much. Rubis is another of Ruby's names. She has oodles of them. But just before bedtime Hallie couldn't resist making Ruby look like the queen that she is.

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Queen of Dreamsz said...

Ruby is a sweet thing..just precious...she looks like a little doggie my sister had for 13 years named Sunshine. You'll have to drop by my queenofdreamsz blog to meet my "Miss Morgan"...theres a picture of her not far down on the righthand side.