Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thriftin and Craftin

I got my quilt blocks finished up last night for the block a month group I'm in on the Mary Jane's Farmgirl Connection. They are not perfect by any means. I'm still really new to sewing and so really, really new to quilting.

There was this huge yard sale this past weekend. It was a crafter's dream sale. All kinds of things. Oh I'll have to remember to post picks of the pillows I bought at that sale later. Anyways the lady didn't sell everything so she brought it over to the apartments where I work, where my mom lives. My mom filled an shopping cart full of stuff for me. I am getting some really cool ideas. Too bad I have to go to work in a little bit or I would get started on them.

I finally got one jar light put together! I don't how many more of these I plan to make. They're a little more difficult than I realized. I didn't get to use the mason jars. The mouth was too small to fit the candle light through. What I found was a prim looking cookie jar.

This guy is almost finished. I just have to find the fur to go around his hat and bottom of his sweater. I'm thinking some jingle bells and of course he needs his wreath and he will be all set. I'll post more pics of him when he's all done.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Time to Lose

I have been really disgusted with myself for some time now because of my weight. I have been overweight for several years. I've been doing some research the last couple of days.
I have found out that my "ideal weight" is somewhere between 117 and 141 pounds. I was guessing it would be around 150. I don't want to get "skeleton" skinny, but I want to lose the extra baggage and get toned up ~ get healthy. So I'm shooting for the 140 mark as a very long term goal.
I have decided I need to start with small goals. Right now I weigh 264. Aaarrrggg. I've never admitted that to anyone but my very best friends. I wouldn't even let my guy help me shop for a belt this weekend. I shooed him off to another part of the store. So anyways I'm thinking I want to set my first weight goal for "around" 230 pounds in the next 6-7 weeks.
Crazy enough, the hardest part I'm having is not with the getting active part. It's the eating right. I need help! A lifetime of being a super picky eater, has ruined me. And it's carried over to my kids. So everyone who reads this, who has any insights, tricks, recipes, exercises, stories of losing weight loss; please please share them with me. The simpler the better.

Lana's Wreath

Lana asked me to re-do her autumn wreath. I used most of what was already in her wreath and then added about another $10 in flowers to it.
I just love working with flowers. I get so lost in what I'm doing I don't think about anything else at all. I get so totally absorbed in the flowers, in the colors, I lose track of time. This wreath probably took me about an hour and a half to put together but only felt like 15 minutes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Turned the BiG 3-0

The 8th was my birthday. My family and friends had a surprise birthday party for me on Sunday. I knew something was fishy way before. My mom was telling secrets with my fiance and my best friend. Sunday morning, my oldest daughter starts cleaning the house without being asked, told and then threatened within an inch of her life. OK I can see picking up some toys and color papers, but she was doing the dishes and helping sack up the trash.
My mom got me a pretty picture, some shower gel and lotion and a smurfette watch. When I was a lil girl I used to dream that I would turn into Smurfette. My mom and cousin actually thought about painting me blue one day while I was taking a nap. Imagine my disappointment if they had and the paint washed off.
My sister gave me a black cherry candle set (mmmm), a chocolate melter (double mmmm) and a wedding album.
My dad gave me money and Sharon gave me a gift card. Caitie made me a necklace. Matt and Hallie didn't fight- well didn't fight much. Abby gave this cute lil sign for my flower garden. It says, "A Friend is God's way of showing he doesn't want us to walk alone." And then my honey bunny got me the PBR cowboy hunk calendar and a really pretty heart shaped silver belt buckle.
You can imagine the ruckus the calendar caused. Every one of us gals was like, "Let me see! Quit hoggin!" Then mom tried to smuggle it out with her when she was leaving. But now I need to find a belt for my buckle. Matt and I went shopping the other day after his doctor appointment but I came in empty handed.
I wish I had pictures. I'll have to get a hold of my sister and get her to send me some.

Monday, September 8, 2008

And the Winner Is......

susie-kountryfarmgal!! Congratulations! Send me your mailing address and I will get the autumn arrangement out to you asap.