Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is This an Overactive Imagination???

Cat's my oldest. Last year at school she made a new friend. At first I was really happy. She has never been the kind to make friends easily. Not that she's a bad kid. She's just very bashful and backwards. While a lot of the kids her age now are into Hanna Montana and makeup and all that, Caitie really isn't.

She's a super smart kid. She was one of the few kids picked last year to join the Excel Class. It's a special class for gifted and talented kids. To be apart of this class though she had to change schools and that meant leaving the one friend she had.

So anyway at the new school she met a new friend. The first time this gal called wanting Cat to stay over, I said no. I mean I didn't really know her and I had never met her family. Also had a strange feeling come over me that just said no. I can't really explain it. I told her maybe another time.

Well a couple of weeks later, she called and this time I let Cat go. Cat came home safe and sound. The next overnighter was at our house. Cat's friend from her previous school and her new friend both came for the sleep over. The new friend is like having 10 kids rolled into one.

But anyways now she wants Cat to come over tomorrow to swim in her new pool. I was going to drop her off before going to work in the morning, but at the same time I would be taking her out this gal's grandma would be taking her mom to work. They leave this lil girl home alone. My Cat is 11 and her friend is about 10. Maybe I'm paranoid but I think that's a lil young to be left home alone. If they were only going a block or two from the house, maybe. But they're not. They're going more like 10 miles down the road.

If that wasn't enough to make me second guess this adventure. I got to thinking bout Cat and what a not-so-great-swimmer she is and how wild the other gal can be. At first I was going to agree to take Caitie out to their house and let her swim so she could get her book and video game back she lent this girl. I was really upset with Cat when she told me she did this the other day. But I just keep getting this feeling, this thing telling me no, don't let her go. I have never had this feeling before with Caitie's other friend from the other school. I don't even care right now if she ever gets the game and book back. Those are things. Things can be replaced. Am I just being overprotective or what????

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Nelly said...

Hello, Today I spent the day reading blogs, and ran across your blog. I am also a mommy.I have two. I have always learned to go with what you feel.If something tells you that something is not right, it's most likely true. I don't think your being paranoid. Your being protective as a mom. It's good to see there are other moms out there who care enough to think twice:)