Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gaining Perspective

Why is that when I'm sitting somewhere without pen and paper or a keyboard, I have all the words and the minute I sit down the words escape me?

Here I am. In a fog. Sick with strep throat. House to myself. Having a movie marathon. Not what I had planned for the weekend. But then again how often do our plans really work to our benefit?

I had a plan. I had planned to have a nice full workweek. To have money in my pocket. To have the house to myself this weekend. To be on a date tonight.

I had to ask for help. Not something I do well or ever do for that matter. But it didn't kill me. It did not kill me to let go of that little ounce of control. I did not kill me to not have to do everything on my own.

I learned a little. I learned our kitty's, Mark, favorite space is the top of surround sound. I learned both of the dogs make great nurses. Sometimes they even snuggle too close. I learned dishes, trash, and laundry will wait. They may even multiply. I've learned that I bite off more than I can chew. Ok so I all ready new that. And I learned ice cream cures headaches.

Why is it the more I work, the less money I have? What happened to family game night? What happened to my creativity? When did I become so driven by the dollar? How do I go back?