Monday, July 14, 2008

Clean, Clean, Clean....

I've have spent the biggest part of the day cleaning this house and mowing the yard and I'm still not done. The only things I really have left to do are; strip my bed and dust all the furniture. The bed will get done. If not tonight then first thing tomorrow morning. But the dusting. For some reason I can just never quite find the time. Or maybe it's I just don't really want to cause three days later it looks like I haven't touched the place. Very aggravating!!

The gourds Matthew and I planted the week Cat and Hal went to VBS are growing quite nicely. I'm ready to box me a kitty cat though. She thinks our little garden is her personal outside litter box. I'll try to remember to get a pic of them in the morning. My geraniums died. Go figure. But Hallie's petunias and my asparagus fern and English ivy are doing really well.

Mom and I made it to Newburgh over the weekend. Mom has panic and anxiety really bad. She hasn't left town in about 4 years. So I rode down with her so we could help my aunt Donna pack some boxes and see what we could cart home and out of her way. I kept telling myself on the way down, "You don't need to bring anything back with you. Don't pack home a bunch of stuff you don't have room for!" Did I listen?!HAHAHAHA!! Aunt Donna gave me some old sewing books, some purses, a dish rack for over the sink, and I bought her antique sewing machine. It is so awesome and in great shape. I haven't tried to use it yet. I honestly don't know a thing about those ole machines, but hopefully one of these days I'll learn.

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