Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little time in the Dirt

Sometime back Hallie and I was in Wal-Mart. Normally she pesters for a new pair of shoes. I know most kids want toys, but my Hallie has a BIG shoe fetish. But this time she didn't want shoes. She wanted this small flat of Petunias.

I'm not very good with plants. I told her it would be up to her to make sure they had plenty of water. Since then I found some Geraniums on sale for 10 cents a piece. I thought for about $2 it would be worth a try. Besides I knew I would have help. For a six year old little girl, Hallie's pretty good with plants.

We finally got around to putting in her flowers in a pot today. I know bout time. Poor little things were about to choke themselves in the flat. Hallie learned something else about flowers today and we got to get the dirt up under our nails. And of course Hallie got to do another one of her favorite things- pose for the camera.

This is Hallie with my Geraniums, but i think she's really the reason they're doing so good.

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