Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day at the Museum

Matthew sees a therapist about once a month for his anger problems. She gave him a pass to the new children's museum in Evansville during his last visit. It was really nice cause it got all of us in for free today.

I had really big plans to do all sorts of things with the kids this summer. Things that I was afraid to do in the past, like drive to Marengo to see the caves. I wouldn't have made that drive last summer for fear the old van would have never made it that far. But back in March the old one died and I finally broke down and got a new one, well newer and in much better shape. But now with the gas like it is and work slacking off, I was really afraid I wouldn't even be able to take the kids on our outing today. And once again our summer plans far from home are grounded.

But we are trying to make the best of things. Cat had a couple of friends spend the night last night. Her first sleep over. Everyone but Matt seemed to have a good time. I can't blame the poor guy. He tried really hard to just mind his own business, but the girls just had to harass him. Give the guy a pat on the back though. I know he really wanted to blow his top, but he kept his cool and walked away. Anger management is working some. Maybe not all the time, but it's making a difference. I ran the girls back home early this morning. Then the kids and I headed for the museum.

The children's museum is just what it sounds like. Everything for kids. There's nothing they can't touch or play with. Main floor has the faux fossil dig, build a bridge set, the playhouse, origami table, gift shop... Upstairs is a room where they can dress up and put on their own play, face paint, building blocks, shadow puppets, the noise room. Then you go over to the other part of second floor to find the huge nose, play with a statue's intestines, listen to your heartbeat and other neat things that teach them about their bodies. Then is the basement is the Wet Deck. Yeah it's just like it sounds. They get to play in water and usually get soaked although they didn't come out too soggy today.

We took some nice pics in and out of the museum. The city had some heavy equipment trucks set up outside for the kiddos to check out too. The kids really got a kick out of that. They had seen pretty much all these trucks before but never that close.

After we were done playing at the museum, we walked down and along the river a little bit. Went down and set by the boat ramp and just smelt the water for awhile. It was a really nice day.

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