Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never-Ending List

Now I know why nothing ever seems to get done around this house. I have a list a mile long and it keeps growing!
I decided to go through the house and see just how much there is that can be done and needs to be done soon.
(the only repairs this list includes are minor ones)

  1. Organize the bathroom

  2. Scrub the bathroom shelves

  3. Mop the bathroom floor

  4. get rid of the old sink

  5. find globes for the bathroom light fixture

  6. replace flush handle

  7. organize kitchen

  8. re-finish counter top

  9. take out old black splash

  10. scrub stove

  11. finish cleaning out back room

  12. take yard sale stuff to sister's

  13. clean blinds in the living room and kitchen

  14. get all junk out of my room that doesn't belong in there

  15. dust and vacuum my room

  16. find blocks for burn barrel

  17. get everything off the front porch

  18. find gutter guards

  19. clean out the back gutter

  20. get rid of tree limbs

  21. mow yard

  22. cut trees out of fence

  23. clean out the room upstairs

  24. trim Rufus' nails

  25. lower blinds in the living room

Check back tomorrow. I'm sure there will be at least 5 more things added to this list.

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