Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Destructin-Ator!!

I have introduced you all the Rufus before. He's usually a very sweet, well behaved pooch, but sometimes..... well he's quite the lil pain in the butt.

Yesterday I came home to the mess of all messes! Jeremy was all ready here and had picked up some of Rufus' (aka Elvis the Destructin-Ator! -this is his name when he's in trouble) mess.

He had the cushions off the couch. (Probably looking for Matthew's stinky socks to chew on.  YUCK!) Then he decided to drag the laundry room trash out- lint balls and dryer sheets. Somewhere he found candy wrappers. But no that wasn't the worst.

He found my bag of wool locks and ripped them open and scattered them all over the bed and floors! What a turd!

He's lucky I love him and that he's sweet more than he's naughty.

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