Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last Sunday I had taken the dogs out and came back into the bathroom to clean up Ruby's little mess. I put two fingers (no pressure) on the corner of the sink as I pitched her droppings into the toliet and the sink fell off the wall!
(That's the old sink. One of those old-fashioned jobbies that hang on the wall.)

So what did I do? I bee lined it to Lowe's and found a sink top/vanity combo. It took some fan-angling but it's all together.

It's a little crowded. I would rather have the sink on the wall opposite the commode, but I'm just not ready to learn how to move the drain and water lines.

I had to learn to run a new drain too. The job isn't perfect by any means, but not too bad for someone who really didn't have a clue. :)

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Nancy Jo said...

Hi Mel,
Cute pictures. I see you moved into your house. I rememmber back when you showed a picture of it when you were thinking about buying it. Your doing a nice job of fixing it up.
Nice to see your comment on my site.
Nancy Jo