Friday, August 15, 2008

Stayin Busy

Boy have I been stayin busy here lately! I got my ornaments for the swap finished up and sent off this morning. I have been sewing gobs of yo-yos up. I'm starting to see circles in my sleep. I have at least two pairs of Hallie's pants to fix up. One pair has a small whole in whoo-hah area to stitch up and then I have to lop the legs off another pair and hem them. Poor lil short baby girl. Not to mention I have been workin my tookas off this past week.

Today was the kids' first day of no daycare. I have decided to pull them out. I think it will be better for us. I may have to rearrange my schedule or really bust hiney to get done in time to pick them up, but it can be done.

Jeremy's grandma passed away the other day. The funeral was this morning. I missed it cause I had to work. I put a lil something together and dropped it off at the funeral home yesterday mornin though.

When I finished it, I stood back and thought doesn't that just look like a hat that would belong to a lil ole lady named Lily. I also had to call my mom. "Ok come over here and tell me what you think." That's the call mom always gets when I make and arrangement or wreath for someone that I've never made one for before. Mom will always tell me if something isn't quite right about my flowers. She knows I'm extremely picky and the flowers won't leave my hands until I'm sure they're ready

I forgot to take pics of my ornies for the swap. But I took one of the straw hat I did up.

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