Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Breathe! It's the Weekend!!

Yay!!! Time to relax! The weekend is here at last. The past week was the kids' first week of no daycare. It was a mad dash at times but I managed to get them to school and home from school on time everyday. Aren't you so proud of me?

This morning was our yard sale. It was supposed to be from 8 till 1. We made it till about 11:30. The kids and I figured that in 3 and a half hours we had only made $8 and a small bag of tomatoes so it was time to wrap it up. And not to mention the 8 bucks we made wasn't even ours. It was for stuff we sold that belonged to my sis and her girls and my mom. So the only thing me and the kiddos made was a bag of tomatoes. And that was only cause the neighbor guy had been working in his garden and brought them over. He said he had so many of them anyway and they would just go bad if he didn't give them away. That was nice of him. I like a home grown tomato every now and then.

Now there's a huge pile of yard sale stuff in my living room. Figure out what everyone wants me to do with their stuff. Either they will come and get it or something.

Matt, Caitie and Hallie got to experience roller skating for the first time this evening. I was hoping Jeremy would bring Isaac down too, but Isaac stayed home to play with his cousins. OK it's been about 9 years since Jeremy had been on skates, 15 years since I have been on skates, the kids never. Cat's 11, Matt is 9 and Hallie is 6. It didn't take Jeremy long to get back in the swing of things. Me oh I have turned into such a big chicken. I wasn't too bad till I crashed and landed on Hallie. Hallie was pokin along in front of me. I went to go around her and some kid whipped past us. She went down, I couldn't stop and landed on top of her. After that I tried to do one more lap with her. But I was done. We finally hung it up about 10:30 and came back home.

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