Sunday, August 24, 2008


I broke down last weekend and bought another pair of boots. After the first pair of boots I bought back earlier this year I said I would never need to buy another pair again. Well I mainly said that cause the 1st pair of boots cost about $170. I've worn those boots about 3 maybe 4 times. The new boots are lace ups. I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE these boots!!! I wear them way more than the other ones.

Let me just show you-----

Photobucket This is the pair of Ariat that I bought back in February this year. They're really pretty. They just need cleaned upa little bit. The thing is they don't fit tight enough around my ankels. My ankels are weak and I get them twisted easily.

These are my new ones----

They are Double H. They fit good all around my feet. The only thing is all the lacing. But I'm getting faster with that.

There's another lil glitch. My fiance and I are planning on "someday" having a country style wedding. That was another reason why I bought the Ariat boots. I thought those would be prettier with my skirt. Well I was yappin at my friend on the phone the other night and she seems to think my new ones will work just fine for the wedding. Then last night I took a chance and said something to Jeremy about it. He doesn't always like to talk wedding stuff. Men *sigh* ... Anyways he thinks my new ones will work just fine too. I don't know.


Princess Of Pink said...

I think these new boots will look cute in a "country-style" wedding! I also LOVE the first pair, I have some that look a bit like those, style wise :)

Hugs from Dutchy from MJF.

shoeguy said...
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