Monday, August 18, 2008

KY State Fair

Here's one of the better shots of Brad Paisely!!

-This is Julianne Hough

This past Saturday, Jeremy and I went to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. This was my first time at any state fair. We left his house about 11 am and got into Louisville around noon. We really went to see the Brad Paisely concert, but we also wanted to walk around and see the exhibits.

I tried shopping in what Jeremy called the "flea market" booths. But it was so crowded you couldn't really get to the tables. And I wouldn't call them flea market booths. I think of them more as small retail booths.

But really I had a better time checking out the animals, especially the mules and jackasses. They were HUGE!!

I feel bad cause I didn't take any pictures of all the fair attractions, just took pics at the concert. I was last minute gathering my stuff for the trip and didn't pack enough batteries. *sigh*

This is Chuck Wicks Forgive my poor photography. My concert pics never turn out the best.

Here's Brad and Jewel

And there was a special guest, Alison Krauss!!

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