Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Relaxing Day

Today was so nice. The sun was shining and even though it was a little humid it was still really beautiful out. I spent the morning cleaning house. I took care of the critters, washed up the dishes and finished up the laundry. Picked up all the out-of-place-thingies in the kitchen and living room. Ran the sweeper and watered all the plants. Finished painting with the roller in the hallway. Now I'm just down to trim work. Moved an outside table around front and some plants. Picked up a bunch of sticks. Let's see.. and hauled off some stuff to Goodwill. I guess I was busier this morning than I thought I was. :)

Then later this afternoon I headed off for JoAnn's and Hobbly Lobby. My sister really wants a quilt and I finally found a pattern I want to make. I didn't get all my material, but I bought enough to at least get the blocks made. I went to get material done in shades of blue, cream and brown. Well I got a couple of kinda blue colors, but more greens. Hmmm sounds like this quilt will be done in more my colors than Carrie's. I made a small quilt for Hallie last Christmas. This will be my first full-size and also my first time just picking my own fabrics and not going by someone's "recommendations". I'm very curious to see how it will turn out.

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