Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Idea

This is a thought that just kind of popped into my mind the other day, just out of the blue. A new business idea- for lack of a better word.. a daycare of sorts. My mom has told me before that she thinks I should open a daycare. But to be quite honest the thought of having 30 or so kids ranging in age from infants to 12 years and enough employees to take on this many kiddos is less than appealing. So now you're maybe wondering why I said daycare? Remember I said "daycare of sorts".

I started thinking about the time that my children spent in a traditional daycare environment and how miserable they were with it. I even helped in this daycare on occasions. After I saw first hand what my children were so unhappy with in daycare, I re-made my work schedule and they came out of daycare. I would not ever consider opening a daycare like this! Also another problem in my area is that the major daycares are trying to get away from taking on school age kids. And children 12 years old are considered "too old" for daycare. While I agree that some 12 year olds are quite mature for their age and could be trusted alone for a short time, there are 12 year olds that aren't quite ready and even worse- sickos who prey on kids.

I really hate to use the word daycare and I'm desparately trying to come up with a different word, but for now it's - daycare. My daycare would be for school age kids, 8 years old and up, with a limit of 6-10 kids and full of activities. None of this sitting in front of the tv everyday. Our activities would consist of crafts, such as making model car kits or small sewing projects to gardening and flowers to other things; outings like trips to the museum, hiking, trip to the zoo and campouts; and then I would also like to have other people come in from time to time to teach us, like a nurse teach us about first aid, someone that could come in and tell us about plants and such. And if I base this from home (my future home, cause the one I have now just does not have the space required for this) I really believe I could keep the cost pretty close to that of a traditional daycare.


peg graham said...

you can call it: 'After School Program'

Thistle Cove Farm said...

How about DayCamp?