Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's that time of month when all the bills start to roll in. I was not sweating bills at all. I thought I had plenty of money in the bank. Then the guy comes with the bill for the lot rent, gass and electric. Electric was nothing, like $63. I was amazed!! Then I looked farther down.... the gas was $350! It had nearly doubled from the last month's bill and the weather has been about the same. Well I have heard through the grapevine that next month will be double what this month was. So instead of 350 it will be more like 700. Needless to say I have gotten out the big roll of plastic and caulking gun and have been going over all the windows. I have weather stripping for the doors too. Downfall to that is it has to be at least 50 degrees out or it won't stick to the doors. Arrggg it's like 33 and snowing.

So anyways, yesterday I was at Tractor Supply pricing woodstoves. I found a lovely stove with a blower motor that will heat my home for $400. That's just the stove. I will also need to get the platform for the stove to sit on and the vent pipe. And why not tack on a chainsaw while I'm at it.

Tax time is coming and I'm sure I can hold out till then, but I am debating on seeing if there's another way I can raise a lil money until then to start putting back. I'm thinking about starting an online shop of some kind. I could do it on bluejay or ecrater. Both of those sites are free, but they do not offer me the ability to be on a personal level with my customers. That is one of the things that irks me about being online. I am really considering using blogger for this venture. I can add a guest book, my customers can also get to know me more on a personal level too cause my blogs are linked together via my profile page... I just have so many ideas! Do you think this would work? doing a shop on blogger?


K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog.I think selling on blogger will work, although slowly, You may have to do some networking & linking to other peoples blogs. I have a few things on my barndoorcreations blogsite for sale. I am selling things but slowly. Etsy would be probably a better,faster way to go.. up to you.. good luck.
I like the valentines too

Melissa said...

Try - it's free for a basic membership. If you want to upgrade someday, it is now $15.95 or something a month.


BTW - I have a shop on Art Fire - you can have nice personal interaction there. There are forums (sellers and buyers can post), ways to contact sellers, and a blog attached to each shop, if you want to use it. Good luck!