Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow It's Been Awhile!

I got the Christmas goodies finished up over this past weekend. The kids and I were going to start delivering some of the goodies, but the weather is not so fabulous today. Lucky us got some freezing rain in today. Made the roads pretty nasty and lots of accidents. It's starting to melt off now, but I think we'll just stay hunkered down.

The kiddos are going to their dad's house tomorrow morning and staying the night. Then they will come home bright and early Christmas morning. Their dad already gave them their gifts. he bought them all bicycles for Christmas. They are just over the moon. It's bad when he gives them thier gifts so early caus ethen they come home and want me to give in and give them their presents early too. But it's not working. Hehehehe Matthew swears his present is broken because of the way it rattles when he shakes it.

I'm also using this lazy, cold day to plan my business moves for this next year. I did better this past year than I did the first year. Hoping that I can take on at least 6 more houses. Cross your fingers for me. Well I guess I better get back to my advertising plan.

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