Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thriftin and Craftin

I got my quilt blocks finished up last night for the block a month group I'm in on the Mary Jane's Farmgirl Connection. They are not perfect by any means. I'm still really new to sewing and so really, really new to quilting.

There was this huge yard sale this past weekend. It was a crafter's dream sale. All kinds of things. Oh I'll have to remember to post picks of the pillows I bought at that sale later. Anyways the lady didn't sell everything so she brought it over to the apartments where I work, where my mom lives. My mom filled an shopping cart full of stuff for me. I am getting some really cool ideas. Too bad I have to go to work in a little bit or I would get started on them.

I finally got one jar light put together! I don't how many more of these I plan to make. They're a little more difficult than I realized. I didn't get to use the mason jars. The mouth was too small to fit the candle light through. What I found was a prim looking cookie jar.

This guy is almost finished. I just have to find the fur to go around his hat and bottom of his sweater. I'm thinking some jingle bells and of course he needs his wreath and he will be all set. I'll post more pics of him when he's all done.


Beverly said...

HI there...just stopped by to see what you are up have been one busy farmgal!! Love the snowman...he is going to be adorable!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

lots of beautiful things to help inspire me !!! I am gonna have to do the jar lights after seeing the beautiful ones you made