Monday, September 15, 2008

Time to Lose

I have been really disgusted with myself for some time now because of my weight. I have been overweight for several years. I've been doing some research the last couple of days.
I have found out that my "ideal weight" is somewhere between 117 and 141 pounds. I was guessing it would be around 150. I don't want to get "skeleton" skinny, but I want to lose the extra baggage and get toned up ~ get healthy. So I'm shooting for the 140 mark as a very long term goal.
I have decided I need to start with small goals. Right now I weigh 264. Aaarrrggg. I've never admitted that to anyone but my very best friends. I wouldn't even let my guy help me shop for a belt this weekend. I shooed him off to another part of the store. So anyways I'm thinking I want to set my first weight goal for "around" 230 pounds in the next 6-7 weeks.
Crazy enough, the hardest part I'm having is not with the getting active part. It's the eating right. I need help! A lifetime of being a super picky eater, has ruined me. And it's carried over to my kids. So everyone who reads this, who has any insights, tricks, recipes, exercises, stories of losing weight loss; please please share them with me. The simpler the better.

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