Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy Winter Weather

The freezing rain started in last Monday night. I listened to it hit the roof of the trailer all night. At first it was kind of a nice sound, then it just got plain annoying. By Tuesday morning, we were covered in ice. Everything stopped for a few hours and then started back in and didn't let up until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. That was about the same time the power went out. I sent the kids off to their dad's house since he heats with wood. Jeremy came to my rescue a few hours later. The power was out for about 10 hours. We were lucky not ot have any large tree limbs or anything hit the house. I just wish we'd have a heat wave and all this snow and ice would disappear. Wishful thinking I know.

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Nancy Jo said...

HOW ARE THINGS WITH YOU NOW? SOPE YOU HAVE POWER AND HEAT. SUCH A COLD WINTER ISN'T IT. The high here today was three. Sounds silly doesn't it?
nancy jo