Monday, November 17, 2008

Trip to the Dentist and a Play Day

The kiddos had their 6 month checkup with the dentist this morning. For once everyone came out without cavities. Usually I have at least one that has to go back and have a tooth filled. Of course the hygienist said their teeth brushing habits are very lacking to put it nicely.

Once we got back into town, we stopped at the library. The kids checked a couple of books and then I got some too. I was reading a thread on MaryJanes Farmgirl Connection this morning about heirloom seeds. Then on my Myspace I happened across a post from a friend talking about Obama possibly appointing this head honcho from Monsanto to the USDA and the effects that could have on out nation's food supply. So the books I found are about composting, old time gardening wisdom and Burpee vegetables. Then I got a couple of other books to help me plan my wedding-- 1000 Best Wedding Bargains and Tantalizing Textures. OK the second book is really about ideas and techniques for scrapbook pages. I figure I can incorporate some of those ideas into my handmade wedding invitations. And yes I found some really cool ideas!!

It's back to work tomorrow. I really need to go see my friend, Christina. She had a little baby boy last week and I still have not got to go see them. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon.


Alee said...

Tag! You are it! Check out my blog for details!

Ginger said...

What wonderful wreather there absolutely gorgeous!
enjoyed looking at all your hard work beautiful!
hugs ginger