Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Can I just take a minute to rant here?
Has anyone shopped on ebay lately?
I went shopping on ebay a couple moments ago for some "new" craft stuff. I would like to learn mixed media and one of the ladies at MJF is so sweet. She is going to be teaching us this craft.

So first I went to Wally-World to price some things. Ouch! (To some of it.) Then I thought I would check ebay. Well I could find some decent prices on initial bids, but shipping is RIDICULOUS! I mean I know the USPS has raised prices, but come on even the post offices prices aren't as high as what some of these people are charging.

I wonder if there is a craft supply swap or cheap craft supplies online somewhere? I shall go see. If any of you know a place, give me a holler. Thanks!

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caseyscottage said...

http://www.skybluepink.com is my favorite place to find cool stuff for collage.