Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well it's Tuesday. I have been to work this morning and was finished by 10:30. That's not bad considering I did some extra cleaning while I was there and not just the usual going over. Just wish I could experience that kind of momentum when it comes to cleaning my house.

Speaking of cleaning my house, I took a look-see at the FlyLady site to see what's on the to-do list for this week according to her list. This week is the master bedroom. I know it really wouldn't take that long to clean my room and FlyLady doesn't even expect you to do the whole thing in a day. How long is it she wants? 15 minutes I think. Now I started off good this morning. I spent 15 minutes and tidied up the living room before I went to work. You know you would be really surprised at just what you can do with 15 minutes. I couldn't see the top of my desk, let alone the couch. No I didn't go into detail and make sure every little piece went back exactly like it's supposed to but it's close enough and if I have unexpected company I won't be ashamed to let them in the door. I was going to start on my room, but then my tummy growled. It decided lunch was far more important than a clean room.

Egg and Cheese sandwich with just a little mayo. Mmmmmm I bought some different eggs yesterday at the grocery. Usually I just grab whatever and go. As long as the eggs aren't broke and their cheap, in the cart they go. Well, I've been trying to see things in a "greener" light. So yesterday I opted for the Cage Free brown eggs. I would have liked to bought the organic cage free eggs, but at $3 something a carton, I'm afraid they just were not in my budget. Well I can't taste any difference in my egg sandwich, but if the chickens have a better life than it was all right.

Well, enough play time. The washer is buzzing and my room is crying, "Clean me. Please clean me." Have a good day!!

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