Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day. I didn't go into work but I did plenty around the house. The only room that I did not clean was the bathroom and it's not bad yet. It will be after the kids all get their baths in a little while. Maybe I'll muster up some get up and go and scrub later this evening. On top of cleaning the house I also mowed the lawn and ran some errands and did a little baking for the dog. Yes my poochie is a spoiled princess. She just LOVES her homemade dog treats!

Today however has been more of a blah day. I messed up yesterday and drank some caffeine loaded soda. So of course I didn't sleep. I only worked about three hours this morning. I made some lunch for the kids and washed up the dishes, then took a short nap. Felt a low grade temp coming on a couple of hours ago so I took some Tylenol and ate some chocolate covered peanuts. Now I have a hot flash and feel fine. I'm not cold anymore. HAHAHA

Well anyway I'm outta here. If nothing else I really need to get some packages ready to mail off this week and get mom's doll done.

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